End the Stigma of
Mental Illness

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I pledge to view mental illness like any illness

I pledge that I will:

  • Be mindful in how I talk about mental illness.
  • Reach out when I'm feeling overwhelmed.
  • Encourage others to get help when they need it.

168 people have taken action

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People with mental health issues are sometimes stigmatized – labeled “crazy” or treated as different by others. As a result, many are afraid to seek help. Depression, suicide, and abuse of others are common consequences. We can change this, simply by talking about mental health issues.

Sign the pledge now and commit to doing what you can to normalize mental illness. By challenging yourself to share times you’ve felt vulnerable, by assuring people that seeking counseling is “normal,” by being careful with the words that you use, you can make a difference in the lives of those you care about.

Let'e end the stigma of mental illness - sign our pledge today.

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls hopes to end the stigma surrounding mental illness. Many of the young people we serve have suffered as a result of a guardian’s untreated mental health issue. We provide kids with a safe haven, where they learn to cope and lead productive lives by being proactive about their mental health.



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